Providing support to animals affected by the war in Ukraine

You can help

The Lincolnshire Trust For Cats is currently supporting vet practices and charities in Ukraine with donations of animal food, blankets and medicines.

There are currently eleven vet practices without power that we know of and we have been able to send two generators donated following an appeal on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

These veterinary practices are desperately short of supplies and we have recently sent more than £10,000 worth of veterinary medicines over to Ukraine following an appeal for funds from our members, but we know that more are urgently needed.

Every donation you make will enable them to help more vulnerable animals in desperate need of help. The goods we send go straight to Ukraine and they do not sit in warehouses awaiting transportation but are delivered within ten days.

The animals left behind in Ukraine by their fleeing owners have no one left to care for them. They desperately need worming and neutering to prevent the stray population of undernourished animals from increasing in numbers. The weather is getting colder and it is hard to imagine what it must be like for owners to have no option but to leave their pets behind.

Please make a donation to enable us to send more equipment and medical supplies.

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