Lincolnshire Trust for Cats
Retirement Scheme

Have you ever thought...

  • What will happen to your cat if it
    out lives you?
  • Will one of your family take it in?
  • Can they afford to?
  • Have they the time to look after it?
  • Do they actually want the responsibility
    of an animal?

We are often asked to take in cats where the owner has died or gone into residential care. Frequently, no one in the immediate family will take them in and often there is the urgent necessity to remove them from a now empty property. Unfortunately, charities cannot always solve the situation. Quite often, when an elderly person dies, the animals that are left behind are elderly themselves. Would you want your lifelong friend to be put in a pen for the rest of its life, with no hope of a home because of its age?

If the answer is no, then maybe now is the time to be thinking of making provision in your will and giving some indication of your wishes regarding your pet's future.

Sometimes it is far kinder for an elderly frail cat to be put to sleep, however there are alternatives and one of the options might be for your cat to come into the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats Retirement Home.

We all tend to think we will live forever but we need to remember that our pets deserve our consideration and may well outlive us.

Anyone thinking ahead to this eventuality, or wishing to bring their cat in, are encouraged to visit the Trust and see for themselves what is on offer for their pets.

Cats coming in for retirement must be neutered and fully vaccinated. If the vaccinations have lapsed, they can be done on admission. The resident cats (on the retirement scheme) do not live in pens. Even cats that have never lived with other cats do adapt but with this in mind, all cats are given their own room on admission to give them time to adjust

The retirement home is set in seven acres and is south facing, which gives the residents lots of opportunity to sunbathe. The accommodation comprises, six centrally heated sitting rooms, enclosed outdoor areas, huge Wendy house and several insulated houses for the less social cat. The recent addition of a large Edwardian rose wood conservatory has given the elderly residents a much sort after facility for afternoon sunbathing. The cats are fed a top quality food and individual diets and medications are catered for.

There is a one off donation on admission, which currently stands at eight hundred and fifty pounds, thereafter the Trust bears the cost of all treatment and any surgery the cat may need in the future.

The premises are manned twenty four hours a day and the Trust administrator lives on site.

Please click here to watch the video which will give you a tour of the retirement scheme.

If the retirement scheme is of interest and you would like to look round the premises or speak to a member of staff please phone for an appointment on : 01673 844628