The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats runs a retirement home for cats. The Trust encourages owners to make provision in their wills for their pets as currently there are so many cats looking for homes that older cats do not stand a chance.

The Trustees thank every one who donated to the "Buy a Brick" appeal which has reached £15000 and has given the retired cats a spacious conservatory. This has extended their accommodation and given them a much needed and much appreciated facility.

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Bobcat in the Retirement home at Lincolnshire Turn for CatsRolo the last oldie would like to thank all her sponsor for their generosity in raising £850 for her retirement and is so excited to have her own armchair at last.

Sadly some of the older stray cats coming in to the Trust do not have anyone to cover the cost of their retirement. This is "Truffles" who is a little brown female Burmese cat. She was left in a rural lay-by and was fortunately found by a passing motorist. She was very lucky to survive as she was very cold and dehydrated when handed in to the Trust. She would love to live in the retirement home and is keeping her paws crossed that she will be able to get the funds together to be able to stay.

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Truffles in the Retirement home at Lincolnshire Turn for Cats