The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats runs a retirement home for cats. The Trust encourages owners to make provision in their wills for their pets as currently there are so many cats looking for homes that older cats do not stand a chance.

Sadly some of the older stray cats coming in to the Trust do not have anyone to cover the cost of their retirement.

Coco, an un-neutered siamese male was dumped in Willingham woods, a local beauty spot. Thinking they (who ever they were ) would be back to pick him up he decided to go for a walk in the woods to pass the time.
He then sat on a bench and waited. However, no one returned, so he survived the next few days by eating left over bacon sandwiches and crisps from one of the bins.
A concerned lady out walking her dog brought him in to the Trust, but not surprisingly, no one has ever claimed him.

He would love to stay here, but with no pension rights and no savings he cannot afford the fee for his retirement.

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Coco in the Retirement home at Lincolnshire Turn for Cats