The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats runs a retirement home for cats. The Trust encourages owners to make provision in their wills for their pets as currently there are so many cats looking for homes that older cats do not stand a chance.

Sadly some of the older stray cats coming in to the Trust do not have anyone to cover the cost of their retirement.

Bob from Boston was left sitting on a wet sofa in the garden when his owners moved house. However, they never came back for him, so after a week of watching him staring forlornly at his back door the neighbours took pity on him and brought him to the Trust. He is not a young cat and has a flea allergy and hardly any teeth. He would love to live in our retirement home and have his own armchair. (he's not too fond of sofas anymore ) but he can't afford to do that without a helping hand. The neighbours donated £150 so he feels he's in with a chance.

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Truffles in the Retirement home at Lincolnshire Turn for Cats